Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Perform MATLAB and Simulink computations on computer clusters and server farms.

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™ lets users solve computationally and data-intensive problems by executing MATLAB® and Simulink® based applications on a computer cluster.

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server is available for all hardware platforms and operating systems supported by MATLAB and Simulink. It includes a basic scheduler and directly supports Platform LSF®, Microsoft® Windows® Compute Cluster Server, Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008, Altair PBS Pro®, and TORQUE schedulers. Other schedulers can be integrated using the generic interface API. The product’s dynamic licensing feature frees administrators from managing the license profiles of individual users on the cluster; only a single MATLAB Distributed Computing Server license is required for the cluster.

Users program and prototype applications on their desktops using Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and then scale up to a cluster using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server. The server can also be used to scale up executables and shared libraries generated from parallel MATLAB applications with MATLAB Compiler™.

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