Saturday, February 20, 2010

JRT Offering the Tesla Workstation

JRT's new Tesla Workstation delivers the accelerated multi-core processing power. Designed to deliver groundbreaking performance, and power efficiency for compute and graphics intensive environments, the new JRT Tesla Workstation lets you create, design, render, and analyze, without compromise.

The new JRT Tesla Workstation offers outstanding performance and incredible graphics and memory up to 64 GB for technical and graphic intensive computing. The Tesla Workstation supports up to two 64-bit Dual/Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5200/5400 series processors and supports the full NVIDIA Quadro graphics and Tesla accelerator product lines. Designed with all new performance architecture for the research - critical, compute-intensive and graphically demanding workstation environments.

The JRT Tesla Workstation offers the latest high-end graphics cards that gives high level graphics performance for the most demanding visual applications in industries such as oil and gas, CAD, animation and 3D modeling.

Key Features

  • Dual / Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors
  • Up to 64 GB of Memory
  • Dual PCI Express x16 Slot
  • High Performance NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Card
  • Up to 8 TB of Hot-Swap Storage
  • Whisper Quiet Workstation (28 dB)
  • NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Computing Processor

(For more information visit the product pages)

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