Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Software review: EventLog Analyzer

System log (Syslog) management is an important need in almost all enterprises. System administrators look at syslogs as a critical source to troubleshoot performance problems on syslog supported systems & devices across the network. The need for a complete sys-log monitoring solution is often underestimated; leading to long hours spent sifting through tons of syslogs to troubleshoot a single problem. Efficient event log syslog analysis reduces system downtime, increases network performance, and helps tighten security policies in the enterprise.

EventLog Analyzer performs like a syslog daemon or a syslog server and collect the sys-log events by listening to the syslog port (UDP). Event log analyser application can analyze, report, and archive the syslog events (including syslog-ng) received from all the syslog supported systems and device. Event log analyzer manages the events of systems supporting Unix syslogs, Linux syslogs, Solaris syslogs, HP-UX syslogs, IBM AIX syslogs and devices supporting syslog like routers, switches (Cisco) or any other device.

Using Event log analyzer application you can generate syslog reports in real-time, and archive or store these syslogs. You get instant access to wide variety of reports for syslog events generated across hosts, users, processes, and host groups.

Event log analyzer application also supports event logs received from Windows machines. You can reach detailed info and demo version software at their webpage.

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