Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cray's Custom Engineering Group to Work with Microsoft Research on Cloud Computing

Cray Inc. announced its custom engineering group will work with Microsoft Research to explore and prototype a system that could provide a glimpse into the future of cloud computing infrastructure. The initiative represents the custom engineering group's first breakthrough into the commercial market.

The objective of the technology development initiative is to design a supercomputing architecture that dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership for cloud computing datacenters. Cray's custom engineering group will design a system infrastructure that combines super efficient power delivery, high-density packaging and innovative cooling technologies. This solution is intended to significantly reduce facility, power and hardware costs.

Cray's custom engineering group delivers "technology-led" professional services. The group designs and delivers customized computing, data management and consulting solutions developed specifically to fit the individual needs of the customer. Cray is an innovation-driven company, and the custom engineering group provides customers with the ability to leverage Cray's research and development expertise and more than 25 years of broad supercomputing experience to develop unique solutions when currently available technology will not achieve a customer's requirements.

(This news summarized from the HPCwire and full text pages can be reached their site)

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