Wednesday, March 24, 2010

XtreemOS 2.1 Release Announced

The XtreemOS consortium is pleased to announce the release of XtreemOS 2.1.
This update release will include:
  • Improved installer with a new xosautoconfig tool to greatly simply and automate installation of XtreemOS instances.
  • A number of high impact bug fixes, along with work on stability and correctness.XtreemFS 1.2, which has a number of new features along with enhanced performance and stability.
  • XtreemOS MD (Mobile Device) -- This new version integrates XtreemOS on Internet Tablets, beginning with the Nokia N8xx models.
This makes it possible to launch jobs and interact with XtreemOS resources via a special client with a simple single signon.
  • Virtual Nodes -- a framework to provide fault tolerance for grid applications by replicating them over multiple nodes.
  • XOSSAGA -- a set of technologies to allow you to run SAGA compliant applications on top of XtreemOS unmodified.
An updated list of Mandriva Mirrors can be found at and
The ISO files for XtreemOS releases are in the folder /devel/xtreemos/iso/2.1
This release has concentrated strictly on bug-fixes and polishing. You can find the change log at
All users are encouraged to test the new ISO and report any issues to our bug tracker at

About XtreemOS
 XtreemOS 2.1 is the result of an ongoing project with 18 academic and industrial partners into the design and implementation of an open source grid operating system including native support for virtual organizations (VO) ease of use. XtreemOS is running on a wide range of hardware ranging from smartphones, PCs and Linux clusters.

A set of system services, extending those found in traditional Linux, provides users with all the grid capabilities associated with current grid middleware, but fully integrated into the OS. Based on Linux, XtreemOS provides distributed support for VOs spanning across many machines and sites along with appropriate interfaces for grid OS services.

When installed on a participating machine, the XtreemOS system provides for the grid what an operating system offers for a single computer: abstraction from the hardware and secure resource sharing between different users. XtreemOS provides for users, the vision of a large powerful single workstation environment, but removing the complex resource management issues of a grid environment.

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