Friday, March 19, 2010

PRACE Grants 4.3 Million Core Hours to Prototype Systems

Six projects, two from France and one from Norway, Denmark, UK, and the Netherlands, have been granted access to the PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) prototype systems. These projects will spend a total of 4,311,272 core hours on the PRACE prototypes. So far, PRACE has granted a total of over 8.7 million core hours on the PRACE prototypes.

The purpose of this granting access is to enable future Tier-0 users to assess the prototypes and to prepare their applications for the petaflop infrastructure. The evaluation process has focused on technical feasibility and the expected benefits of the tests both for PRACE and the prototype users.

Headlines of projects;
  • Cryptanalytic Performance Evaluation
  • Solar Atmospheric Modelling
  • Ab Initio Calculation of Complex Doping of a Photovoltaic Material
  • Porting MESO-NH to PRACE Prototype
  • Incompact3d: High Performance Computing for Turbulence
  • Porting of GADGET2 to GPUs

More information about PRACE prototypes can be found at their web pages.

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