Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hazelcast: The Art of Data Distribution

Hazelcast is an open source clustering and highly scalable data distribution platform for Java, which is:
  • Lightening-fast; thousands of operations per sec.
  • Fail-safe; no losing data after crashes.
  • Dynamically scales as new servers added.
  • Super-easy to deploy and use (include a single jar).

Hazelcast is pure Java. JVMs that are running Hazelcast will dynamically cluster. Although by default Hazelcast will use multicast for discovery, it can also be configured to only use TCP/IP for environments where multicast is not available or preferred. The program is released under Apache License and the project is hosted at Google Code. It can be freely used in commercial or non-commercial applications.

When Hazelcast?

Hazelcast will help you when you need to:
  • Share data/state among many servers (e.g. web session sharing)
  • Cache your data (distributed cache)
  • Cluster your application
  • Provide secure communication among servers
  • Partition your in-memory data
  • Distribute workload onto many servers
  • Take advantage of parallel processing
  • Provide fail-safe data management
(For more info please visit the their documentation page.)

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